Sunday, December 27, 2015

Wrapping it Up

The last few weeks have seen the finishing of some things. Finished PiBoIdMo for 2015. Good to have some more ideas added to the roster. Some are worth pursuing. Others, well...let's just let them stew in their own juices so to speak.

I also finished the Tomie de Paola project. Got lots of good feedback from my fellow artists. Glad I completed it, though it was close this year. Had some struggles figuring out the color scheme and what I wanted the style to be. (This is ongoing, no surprise there). I don't seem to have a huge problem with composition or creating the characters, it's just getting the final look that sends me over the edge. At any rate, the important thing is to complete it and just keep on completing things (manuscripts, art projects etc) regardless of whether or not the final is what you imagined. I'm hoping that the more this is done, the less it feels like pulling teeth. The ultimate goal of course, is to someday get paid for this obsession. Meanwhile I just keep reading those picture books, getting projects done and brainstorming, doodling.

Tomie de Paola project: Little Red Riding Hood