Sunday, August 23, 2015

Meeting my hero(ine), Melissa Sweet

So, I had a great weekend going to see Melissa Sweet's studio sale last Saturday. At first I was going to go, then I couldn't find (decently priced) lodging, then at the 11th hour I found lodging so whoopee, I was going!

I hadn't been up the coast of Maine in a while, so it was a real treat to see the ocean, trees and rural sights. The Rockport/Camden area is gorgeous and if it weren't for the endless winters I'd be living there right now. (Still thinking there's a way around all that snow... 2 months somewhere south perhaps).

Anyway, the venue, Union Hall was a lovely historic brick building with wood floors and to-die-for views of the harbor. My kids and husband went for a walk to the harbor while I perused the art and got up the nerve to speak to Melissa. I shouldn't have feared anything, because she's so down-to-earth nice. It felt like I had known her in a previous life/on another planet kind-of-thing.

I bought some art, a book and a special "Floating Fairy" which will serve as a mascot in my now cramped, but someday-to-be-expanded studio.

I'm still pinching myself on the whole experience!


  1. Fantastic! Glad you made it!
    Was planning on this visit too, but ended up in New Hampshire.

    Kicking myself for not going, LOVE her work(s).

  2. I'm so glad I made it. I don't often get to these sales/exhibits, but this one I had to check out! And as I said, Melissa is just a great person as well.